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In recent years, the datacenter industry has experienced rapid development. Reflecting the demand for advancement in the data and communication industry in this era of data, the datacenter industry is expected to continue growing and expanding as an ever important infrastructure backbone.

At the greater data and communication industry and advances, due to higher values being placed on data quality and security, so to do the expectations of datacenters themselves, striving for more sophisticated and refined systems and products. This has resulted in datacenter industry becoming a comprehensive field of knowledge in its own right, where key factors are being continuously and improved in order to extract the optimal performance, energy consumption and cost, individual and collective factors such as site selection, risk management, reliability, resiliency, maintainability, connectivity, energy consumption, redundant design, emergency management and disaster recovery all combine to make the datacenter industry a complex and interdisciplinary field.

DC-MegaWatt offers a full range of professional services and products relating to the efficient cooling and M&E infrastructure of datacenters, spanning complete project timelines from the earliest design considerations through to servicing and maintenance of completed facilities.

What we offer

Our Solutions


Evaluation of datacenter site selection

Retrofiting project consultation

Datacenter cooling technology solutions & energy saving recommendations

Chiller optimization consultation

M&E Design

3D BIM modelling, with design detail significantly better than traditional 2D design

Factory prefabrication to effectively compress the project lead-time

Advanced ARRR design concept (Availability, Reliability, Redundancy, Resilience)

Sophisticated COOLING FREE concept and the detailed FREED index methodology from cooling perspective

Professional and flexible expansion abilities

Advanced technologies such as CFD/VR/AR/IoT to improve the efficiency and quality of the project and reduce risks

CFD Simulation

Configurable CFD modelling service

Baseline CFD model

CRAC failure analysis

Predictive analysis

Data center air flow optimization and energy saving for validating your DC HVAC design before installation

Troubleshooting DC air distribution problem

Optimizing system or component performance


BIM helps designers confirm that the equipment and distribution can all fit

Verify maintenance and service clearances

Analyse pressure drop and voltage drop with the actual routing

BIM’s precise routing allows designers to model the heat dissipation and adjust the electrical duct bank configuration accordingly

M&E Integration

M&E integration turnkey services

Project implementation

Old Site Retrofit

Eliminating all the hotspot & availability issues

Optimizing air distribution

Facility Management & Maintenance

Facility management

Predictive maintenance

Equipment training


Cooling towers & pumps

Chillers & pumps




UPS & batteries



Fiber trays & cable trays

Raised floors

Racks & PDU