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DC-MEGAWATT offers the turnkey solutions of datacenters, with a full range of professional Consultation & Design, M&E Integration, Facilities Management &Maintenance, Products of Datacenters, spanning complete project timelines from the earliest design considerations through to servicing and maintenance of completed facilities.

DC-MEGAWATT comprises of a team of Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) professionals with a combined total of more than 50 years of datacenter experience. Delivering high quality building engineering consulting and integration services into the corporate marketplace, our objective is to be positioned as the premier go-to building services engineering consultant of choice. 

Today, we provide M&E solutions for critical facilities in datacenters, telecommunications, media, banking and financial institutions, hospitality, industrial and commercial sectors. From this experience we’ve created a range of proven best practices, tools and processes that increases our capability to understand clients’ needs and so optimize design and delivery to meet their specific needs, standards, and requirements.

Headed by a team of highly experienced specialists, DC-MEGAWATT has the capability to Conceptualize, Design and Build M&E projects from scratch till completion – providing a high quality, market tested, one-step solution across all project phases, from Design Engineering and implementation, to Operations and ongoing Maintenance.

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